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Engine Head Gasket Change in Sharjah

Modern engines almost universally have an independent engine block and head assembly. They need to be bolted together even if they aren’t linked to housing the valvetrain, camshaft, and control air intake and exhaust output. The lubricating and cooling fluids for the camshaft and valves are not intended to enter the combustion chamber.

Head Gasket Change

What is a head gasket?

A head gasket is a piece of steel or composite material that is inserted between the cylinder block and the head. This prevents the oil and coolant that are pumped through the head from affecting how the engine runs.

An airtight seal is made when the head is fastened to the engine block. This seal maintains full compression in the engine and keeps any unwelcome fluids out of the combustion chamber, increasing engine efficiency.

Why do you need a head gasket?

Without a head gasket, unauthorized oil can enter the cylinders and compromise your fuel economy as well as spark plugs and oxygen sensors. Not to mention the risk of operating your engine with insufficient oil if it goes undiscovered.

Water and fire don’t mix, therefore if coolant leaks into the cylinders, your performance could be significantly lower. Not to mention that the coolant can destroy the pistons, spark plugs, and bearings by diluting the oil. costly repairs for a cheap component.

How is a head gasket replaced?

The mechanic will begin by removing the engine’s coolant and oil. After that, they will remove all of the head gasket’s mounting bolts (quite a lot of things in modern cars). The cylinder head will then be unbolted and taken out of the engine. The mechanic will remove the old head gasket off and scrape off any residue as the heads are being cleaned.

The mechanic will fit the replacement head gasket with any necessary sealant after the surface is clean and level. We’ll reinstall the heads and torque them properly. Then, every part will be put back together and the oil and coolant will be filled.

They’ll get the engine up to operating temperature and you’ll be fine to go after all that.

Is a broken head gasket unsafe?

It is extremely unsafe to your engine. If it leads to overheating this can warp the engine block and cause irreversible damage to the engine. Rather than do that, find a good mechanic who can fix it as soon as you notice the symptoms cropping up.

You can find a Land Rover mechanic near me with Gheroub al Shams Auto

Head Gasket Change

How to tell if your Range Rover needs a new head gasket –

White steam flowing from the exhaust when the engine is running is the tried-and-true sign that your head gasket needs to be replaced. If your oil has a milky appearance, water is likely to present. The coolant level gradually declining over time is another sign.

The head gasket can be to blame if the engine is struggling, misfiring, or stumbling.

Head Gasket Change

How much does a Range Rover head gasket replacement cost? Although the gaskets themselves are reasonably priced, they are not cheap. The cost of labor makes up almost all of the total. Replacing a head gasket is a laborious and time-consuming task.

The Head gasket changing price is 10,000AED to 20,000 AED. But we are changing the head gasket promotionally including parts Only for 7999AED

Our Service Details

When the car is delivered to the shop, a service adviser is appointed, and a new, comprehensive report with photographs is prepared. The following technician is available to inspect the Range Rover & German Auto. The health check report is given over WhatsApp after inspection.

If necessary, our parts experts look for the best-priced, highest-quality parts available. You are then provided a quotation by email and SMS for approval or rejection. No work is done without your consent.

The parts are ordered and your car repair or service is started as soon as we get your selection.

Head Gasket Change

Our Costumer Say

I’ve had bad luck with garages – up until now! The customer service here is unbeatable. The quote came super quickly with the best price in Sharjah and my appointment was scheduled with so much ease. On the day of my service, they showed me the original parts ordered and sent me updates and photos throughout the day. It was ready exactly when they said it would be and delivered to my car. They also followed up a few days later to check-in. I’m so impressed! My only regret is not finding them sooner! Thank you Gheroub Al Shams
Howard Chavez​


I highly recommend Gheroub AL Shams, and specifically, my car doctor: Mahabub. Mahabub has been taking care of my car for about two years, now, after he was referred to me through friends of friends. I have total confidence in him to take care of my car as if it was his own. And if integrity is equal to honesty, then he is a star. I’ve left valuables in the car both out-in-the-open and lost. Most items were recovered and thoughtfully placed to be found, and other items are always treated with respect.
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