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We are one of the leading Range Rover Repair in UAE. All mechanic services are performed by highly qualified mechanics.

Range Rover Auto Repair & Service Expert

Your Gateway to Automotive Excellence!

At Gheroub Al Shams, we're more than just an auto repair service – we're your partners in keeping your Range Rover in its prime! Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art facilities are dedicated to delivering top-notch Range Rover repairs, ensuring that every drive feels as smooth and luxurious as the first.

Your Range Rover is an engineering marvel, a perfect blend of luxury and performance designed to turn heads on the streets of Sharjah. But to keep it running at its absolute best and safeguard its reliability, Range Rover repair and maintenance with expert care are crucial. Our state-of-the-art service center recognizes the importance of preserving your Range Rover’s optimal performance,

so we’re dedicated to delivering outstanding Range Rover repairs tailored to your vehicle’s needs. Join countless satisfied Range Rover owners in Sharjah and experience the superior care your vehicle deserves – all under one roof.

Our Premier Range Rover Engine Repair: 

Refrain from letting common engine issues hold your Range Rover back from conquering the roads of Sharjah! Our expert mechanics are skilled in diagnosing and resolving engine problems such as overheating, power loss, and misfires, ensuring your vehicle runs at peak performance. Regarding oil and coolant leaks,

we meticulously identify the source and repair or replace damaged components to protect your engine’s integrity. But we continue there – our comprehensive engine maintenance, including oil changes, spark plug replacements, and timing belt inspections, ensure your Range Rover’s powerhouse remains in tip-top shape. Experience the seamless fusion of power, performance, and peace of mind with our premier Range Rover engine repair.

Experience Smooth Sailing with Our Range Rover Transmission Repair :

A smooth and responsive transmission is essential for a truly enjoyable Range Rover driving experience. Our highly trained technicians are adept at diagnosing transmission issues, including delayed or erratic shifting, slipping gears, and fluid leaks. Say goodbye to rough rides and hello to seamless gear transitions with our comprehensive transmission maintenance and repair.

From fluid and filter replacements to complete transmission rebuilds or replacements, we are committed to keeping your Range Rover gliding effortlessly through the streets of Sharjah. Trust our expertise and experience the difference a perfectly tuned transmission can make.

Rediscover Luxury with Our Range Rover Suspension Repair:

Your Range Rover’s suspension system is the key to a comfortable, controlled driving experience. Our skilled technicians are experts at inspecting and diagnosing suspension issues, such as uneven tire wear, poor handling, or excessive noise and vibration.

Let us help you recapture the luxury and refinement your Range Rover is known for with our top-notch suspension repair and maintenance. We’ve covered you, from shock absorber and strut replacements to ball joints, bushing repairs, and even precise wheel alignments.

Elevate your driving experience and glide effortlessly through the streets of Sharjah with our impeccable Range Rover suspension repair.

Stay Cool and Composed with Our Range Rover AC Repair:

In the scorching heat of Sharjah, a well-functioning AC system in your Range Rover is an absolute necessity. Our expert technicians can swiftly identify common AC problems, such as insufficient cooling, odd noises or smells, and leaks or blockages.

Don’t let a malfunctioning AC system dampen your driving pleasure – our top-tier AC maintenance and repair keep you cool and composed. Whether it’s a refrigerant recharge, compressor, condenser repairs, or a simple cabin filter replacement,

we’ll ensure that your Range Rover’s AC system performs flawlessly, providing you with the ultimate comfort you deserve. Breeze through the streets of Sharjah in style and comfort with our exceptional Range Rover AC repair.

Master Your Drive with Our Range Rover Car Computer Check:

Your Range Rover’s car computer is the command center that orchestrates optimal performance and functionality. Regular computer checks are essential to ensure your vehicle’s systems run smoothly and detect potential issues before they escalate.

Embrace the power of cutting-edge diagnostics with our Range Rover car computer check.

Our experienced technicians offer diagnostics, including reading and clearing error codes, monitoring system performance, and applying calibration and software updates.

Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of your Range Rover with our expert car computer check, designed to maximize your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Take control of your drive and experience unparalleled confidence on the streets of Sharjah.

Discover Unrivaled Expertise with Different Models:

Your Range Rover symbolizes sophistication, performance, and luxury, deserving the utmost care and attention. We pride ourselves on our specialized Range Rover repair, catering to a wide range of models, ensuring that your prized vehicle is always at its best.

Our skilled technicians are proficient in working on various models, including the dynamic Range Rover LR 23.2L I6, the versatile LR3 4.0L V6 and 4.4L V6, and the commanding LR4 5.0L V8. We also cater to the intrepid Discovery 3.0L V6 Supercharged, the iconic Range Rover 3.0L V6 Supercharged, and 5.0L V8 Supercharged, as well as the sporty Range Rover Sport and SVR 5.0L V8 Supercharged models. Last but not least, we service the sleek Range Rover Velar, available in 2.0L I4 Turbo and 3.0L V6 Supercharged configurations.

No matter which model you drive, our meticulous approach, advanced diagnostics, and genuine parts ensure your vehicle receives the top-notch care it deserves. With our tailored services, you can be confident that your Range Rover will always deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and comfort on the streets of Sharjah.

Experience the difference that expert care can make for your cherished Range Rover. Trust our experienced team to handle everything from routine maintenance to comprehensive repairs, preserving your vehicle’s superior performance and unparalleled driving experience. Embark on the journey towards automotive excellence and unparalleled peace of mind with our exceptional Range Rover repair.

Drive with confidence, knowing that your Range Rover is in the hands of true professionals dedicated to upholding the prestige and excellence of the brand.

How Our Range Rover Repair Works :

Experience automotive care that is as seamless and efficient as your Range Rover itself. Our repair process is designed to deliver exceptional service and convenience, allowing you to revel in the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your vehicle to true experts.

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment. Contact us to book an appointment at a time that suits you. Our accommodating staff will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions.

Step 2: Expert Diagnosis and Consultation Upon arrival, our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your Range Rover and diagnose any issues or concerns. We will then consult with you, presenting our findings and recommending the necessary repairs or maintenance to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

Step 3: Quality Repairs and Genuine Parts We use only the highest quality tools, equipment, and genuine Range Rover parts for vehicle repairs or maintenance. Our attention to detail ensures your vehicle remains true to its exceptional engineering and design standards.

Step 4: Rigorous Testing and Quality Control Before returning your Range Rover, we perform rigorous testing and quality control checks to ensure all repairs are completed to our exacting standards, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

Step 5: Drive Away with Confidence Collect your freshly serviced Range Rover, and enjoy the superior performance, reliability, and comfort that come with our exceptional repair. Drive away with renewed confidence, knowing that your vehicle has been in the hands of dedicated professionals.

Experience the effortless excellence of our Range Rover repair and revel in the outstanding care and attention your vehicle deserves.

Experience Unparalleled Range Rover Repair and Performance

Choosing our service center for your Range Rover repair needs is the first step toward unlocking the full potential of your vehicle.

By entrusting us with your prized possession, you will experience the numerous benefits of our dedication to excellence, such as unparalleled expertise, genuine parts, and meticulous attention to detail.

Don’t let subpar services undermine the performance and reliability of your Range Rover. Please schedule an appointment today and discover the difference our outstanding services can make.

Witness your vehicle transform into the epitome of luxury, power, and precision it was designed to be. Experience the pinnacle of Range Rover care, and enjoy the unrivaled driving pleasure that comes with it.

Step into a world where exceptional service meets automotive mastery, and let your Range Rover shine like never before.

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Most Popular Plan For Range Rover


  • Engine OIL 15,000km
  • Engine OIL Filter
  • Reset car service Light
  • 360-degree Health Check
  • Computer Diagnostics Report
  • AC Checkup

Performance Boost

3189/2989AED Supercharge/ HSE (2013-2017)
  • Engine OIL 15,000km
  • Engine OIL Filter
  • Genuine Brake Pad & Sensor
  • A/C Gas Refill
  • A/C Filter
  • Spark Plug
  • 360-degree Health Check

Performance Boost

  • Engine OIL 15,000km
  • Engine OIL Filter
  • Spark Plug Change
  • Injector Clean
  • A/C Filter Change
  • 360-degree Health Check
  • AC Checkup

Need Engine Repair?

We are offering best engine repair service in UAE, Range Rover Car Head Gasket Change & Head Facing Start From AED 7999

Range Rover Engine Repair Sharjah

What We Do

We have invested in all the latest specialist tools and diagnostic software that is specifically tailored for the software in your vehicle

Range Rover Engine Repair
Engine Repair & Rebuild

Dealer Quality Engine Repair And Rebuild Service In Sharjah.

Range Rover Brake Pad Change
Brake Pads & Disc Repair

Change Brake Pad & Disc For Safe Braking System, Genuine Parts And Work Guaranty.

Range Rover Shock Absorber Change
Shocks, Struts Replacement​

Change Your Car Shock Absorber At the Best Price In UAE. We Change Shock Absorber Very Affordable Price With Guaranty.

Range Rover Car Computer Diagnosis
System Diagnosis & Repair​​

Our Specialist Diagnosis System Keeps The Software And Programming Of Your Car’s Control Unit Up-To-Date

Range Rover A/C Repair
Air Conditioning Services​​

we are providing best Auto AC services in UAE with Genuine Parts of AC with best long Warranty and less price.

Range Rover Engine OIL & Filter Change
Engine Oil & Filter Change

Genuine Oil & Filter Change With Expert Mechanics For Long Durability And Good Performance OF Your Cars​


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Our Customer Say

we always listen to our customers and respect their reviews

I’ve had bad luck with garages – up until now! The customer service here is unbeatable. The quote came super quickly with the best price in Sharjah and my appointment was scheduled with so much ease. On the day of my service, they showed me the original parts ordered and sent me updates and photos throughout the day. It was ready exactly when they said it would be and delivered to my car. They also followed up a few days later to check-in. I’m so impressed! My only regret is not finding them sooner! Thank you Gheroub Al Shams
Howard Chavez​
I highly recommend Gheroub AL Shams, and specifically, my car doctor: Mahabub. Mahabub has been taking care of my car for about two years, now, after he was referred to me through friends of friends. I have total confidence in him to take care of my car as if it was his own. And if integrity is equal to honesty, then he is a star. I’ve left valuables in the car both out-in-the-open and lost. Most items were recovered and thoughtfully placed to be found, and other items are always treated with respect.
Lucas Elliot


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