Range Rover Brake Pad Change

Range Rover Brake Pad & Disc Repair In Sharjah

Brake Pads are one of the essential parts of a car when we are talking about safety. Check and change your brake pads if necessary, and make sure of the quality of the pads. Don’t choose a cheaper option over the original pads specified by the manufacturer as your life and your loved ones’ lives are at risk!
Therefore, its high time you get your car brakes checked & fixed at GHEROUB AL SHAMS auto service. Even the tiniest malfunction should not be neglected, which appears only when you drive your car. So get your car’s brake pads checked regularly, get it changed when necessary, so that your brake pads and brake disk could be safe.

What are the signs of a damaged Brake Pad system?
    • You press the brake pedal a little more towards the floor than usual.
    • The brake pedals feel to be spongy.
    • Your car moves to either of the directions when you apply brakes.
    • You can hear unusual noises and vibrations occurring during braking.
    • Your car takes more time to stop than usual.
    • Brake pedals seem to be spongy or press farther to the floor than usual
    • Your vehicle pulls to the right or left when you brake
    • Unusual noises or vibrations occurring during braking
    • The prolonged reaction time of stopping.

All the above problems relate to a damaged brake system. All you need to do is get your car brakes properly diagnosed so that proper actions can be taken, because all that is on stake is, your life.

Some tips from the experts for brake pad :-
  • Always use fine quality brake pads; cheap varieties wear faster and result in slower stopping.
  • The average life of your car’s brake pad is between 20,000 to 60,000 km. So change it when life is over.
  • Don’t press very hard on the brake pedal to stop the car. This can affect the brakes and cause early wearing.
  • Change your brake fluid every two years, as, over time, the fluid becomes dirty and affects
  • The brake pad system.
How can we help you at GHEROUB AL SHAMS AUTO SERVICE?

We understand what your life means to your family. Hence we have a diligent team of experts to take care of your car’s brake system. We are the reliable brake service center in Sharjah, and strive to keep all the parts of your car brake in good condition. At GHEROUB AL SHAMS Auto, we execute the following services:-

    • Replace brake pad & disc
    • Antilock brake pad system
    • Adaptive brake pad system
    • Brake pad assist system
    • Electronic stability program
    • Acceleration skid system

We make an elaborative diagnosis of your car brake, dive deep to trace problems, and bring effective solutions for your safety.

Trusted company for Range Rover and German car repair. 20 years of experience repairing Range Rover and German cars. We value our customers, are conscious of quality of work and use of genuine parts.

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Range Rover Brake Pad Change
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