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You and your Range Rover create an impression on the roads and we are here to make sure you do it in style
You know your Range Rover comes from the British stables
Land Rover is no ordinary car brand. The British pedigree of the Land Rover vehicles makes a statement that not many car brands can make. In fact, the flagship Land Rover model, the Range Rover was regarded as a luxury SUV long before the competition from Japan or Europe started making luxury SUVs.
Being seen in a Land Rover in the UAE is a statement that you have achieved success. No wonder the Range Rover is the choice of entrepreneurs, VIPS, high officials, s and the affluent.
Obviously, it is important that your Range Rover is maintained in immaculate condition and this is where we, Gheroub al shams Auto, come in.

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We are Range Rover Service, Maintenance & Repair Specialists and ensure total compliance with the manufacturer’s repair guidelines
At Gheroub al shams Auto, we strongly believe in brand specialization because every car brand today requires specialized expertise and proper maintenance and repair tools. This holds for Range Rover repair in SHARJAH too. Hence, at our specialized Range Rover garage in SHARJAH, your vehicle will be serviced and repaired by certified Range Rover specialists, who are experts on the complex mechanical and electrical systems of the latest Range Rover vehicles.
We endeavor to follow every recommended step to ensure you get dealer-quality service on your vehicle, without the exorbitant dealer prices.

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No matter which Range Rover model you drive, whether it’s the popular Range Rover, the Land Rover Discovery, The Evoque, or any Land Rover model, we have the expertise to serve you. With over 18 years of experience in maintaining and repairing Range Rover vehicles in the UAE, we understand precisely how your Range Rover runs and the challenges it faces in the hot & humid UAE conditions. We know the problems regularly faced by Range Rover owners like a malfunction in engine software, fuel system issues, leaks, AC system, transmission failure, tires, and others. We offer the below services:

Style, luxury, and distinction are all conveyed by your Range Rover. 
The Range Rover is recognized emblem of the British aristocracy. 
And we’re here to make sure you can keep using it happily.
Not just any car, Land Rover/Range Rover is unique. 
No other automaker can rival the majestic Land Rover models for making statement. 
Long before any other luxury SUVs hit the market, the top Land Rover model, the Range Rover, was well-liked as luxury SUV.
In the UAE, driving a Range Rover is a subtly successful statement. It comes as no surprise that Land Rover is favored by successful people all over the world. When you own a vehicle of this kind, it only makes sense to select the best repair facility; this is where the Gheroub Al Shams comes in!


Despite being the most popular brand in the UAE, Range Rovers still frequently experience problems with their air suspension, electrical systems, engine oil leaks, and steering shafts. And you can be sure that the Gheroub Al Shams is more than capable of meeting all of your automobile needs. A team of knowledgeable Range Rover mechanics oversees our repair services. The best Range Rover experts at our Range Rover workshop will take care of your Range Rover. We value trust, value, and affordability. We promise complete transparency and a 5-star experience for all of our clients. Range Rover car specialists who are masters of their trade will register and oversee the entire procedure from the initial health inspection to the end of work.

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Service for Range Rovers in Sharjah: Quality Brings Peace of Mind

• Range Rover Engine Repair
• Range Rover Gear Box Repair
• Range Rover Suspension Repair
• Range Rover Transmission Repair
• Range Rover Touchless Wheel Alignment
• Range Rover Engine Refurbishment
• Range Rover Software Programming
• Range Rover AC Repair
• Range Rover Engine Cooling System Repair
• Range Rover Brake Repair
• Range Rover Camera/Radar Calibration
• Range Rover Pre-Purchase Inspection
• Range Rover Service Packages

• Dealership-quality service of your Range Rover at much lower rates
• Warranty certificates for 12 months for both labor and parts work
• 100% Genuine Range Rover/Land Rover Spare Parts used
• A very sophisticated CRM system to keep the history of your car saved forever
• Customer service that treats you like

• Largest independent luxury car workshop, garage, and Range Rover service center in SHARJAH
• Ultra-modern, state-of-the-art workshop
• 10,000 sq. m area
• vehicle lifters
• A capacity of 10 cars per day
• Engine room dedicated to engine repair, engine refurbishment, or engine replacement.
• Highly qualified and certified technicians specialized on the brands we serve.
• Spare parts department and own storage.
• A professional and multi-cultural team, we speak your language!

Gheroub al shams Auto offers everything beyond your expectation for Range Rover service and maintenance. They never fail to keep up their high standard in Range Rover maintenance and repair works. State-of-the-art modern, well-equipped Range Rover workstation and certified technicians with familiarity in the latest diagnostic techniques are the added advantage that makes us the best auto repair shop in SHARJAH.

We do all services for the Range Rover like from simple oil change to extensive mechanical and software system repair. Our Range Rover specialist offers both periodical inspections to maintain your Range Rover in good condition and the Range Rover Pre-purchase inspection to make sure your hand earned investments are spent worthy.

Being in this field for the past 18 years, we are clear with what our customers need and expect from us. Since we are independently operated and we have the extensive network of Range Rover repair specialists we are able to deliver the hassle free dealership range services without the hefty repair bills. We offer everything your Range Rover needs at our well-established Range Rover service center in Sharjah. Gheroub al shams Auto services have both the experience and expertise to offer the dealership range Range Rover service Sharjah with greater customer satisfaction.

When you book an appointment at our ultra-modern and well-equipped luxury car workshop in SHARJAH our friendly service advisor will accept your car and conduct a thorough inspection by our Range Rover specialists. If you need to wait, just relax in our comfortable and modern waiting area. 

Range Rover Engine Repair
Engine Repair & Rebuild

Dealer Quality Engine Repair And Rebuild Service In Sharjah.

Range Rover Brake Pad Change
Brake Pads & Disc Repair

Change Brake Pad & Disc For Safe Braking System, Genuine Parts And Work Guaranty.

Range Rover Shock Absorber Change
Shocks, Struts Replacement​

Change Your Car Shock Absorber At the Best Price In UAE. We Change Shock Absorber Very Affordable Price With Guaranty.

Range Rover Car Computer Diagnosis
System Diagnosis & Repair​​

Our Specialist Diagnosis System Keeps The Software And Programming Of Your Car’s Control Unit Up-To-Date

Range Rover A/C Repair
Air Conditioning Services​​

we are providing best Auto AC services in UAE with Genuine Parts of AC with best long Warranty and less price.

Range Rover Engine OIL & Filter Change
Engine Oil & Filter Change

Genuine Oil & Filter Change With Expert Mechanics For Long Durability And Good Performance OF Your Cars​